YouTube stars have died after falling into a waterfall pool in Canada

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A travel vlogger for popular channel High On Life, Gamble was one of three people who were confirmed dead on Thursday by federal police, the Associated Press reports.

YouTube star Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh are both McRoberts secondary alumni. After a two-day recovery effort, the bodies of popular YouTubers Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh were found, as well as Lyakh's girlfriend, Megan Scraper.

The victims were all in their 20s and 30s.

The High on Life collective is well-known for posting artistic pictures and videos across social media and has amassed 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Messages of condolences and tributes poured in online from friends, family and followers. I love you Ryker Gamble. "Your bright personality will be greatly missed", one person posted on Facebook.

"We travel around the world for a living and make fun and adventurous videos!" the group wrote on their Facebook page.

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The adventure group's core members were a trio consisting of Gamble, Lyakh and a third surviving friend. Brown was fined but not given jail time, according to Times Colonist.

Scraper and Lyakh had been dating for five years, according to social media.

Search and rescue crews were to continue searching through the night for three hikers reported missing at Shannon Falls Provincial Park near Squamish, B.C. Sascha Banks said before the bodies were recovered.

"The RCMP and Squamish SAR have transitioned to a recovery of the bodies from the pool but the terrain is extremely hard, very unsafe, and the water flow will be heavy with the warm temperatures today, increasing the risk to those in the recovery effort", said Banks in a statement shared Wednesday.

Until the recovery operation is complete, Shannon Falls and any trails leading to the pool system will remain closed to the public, authorities said.

Squamish Mayor Patricia Heintzman said in an interview she hoped the increasing numbers of people visiting the backcountry would come prepared.

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The Squamish RCMP and Squamish SAR have now turned the file over the BC Coroner's service and the names will not be released.

"Unless you have the knowledge of that area, the expertise and the right equipment you should not be up there", Banks said.

John Willcox of Squamish Search and Rescue said crews will use ropes to lower RCMP officers into the pool at Shannon Falls.

"We've had a number of dogs that have gone into the water, and people that have slipped into the water as well".

"The granite there is beautify carved by the water over hundreds of years, and it's very slick, and with the spray and some of the lichen that builds up on it, people don't realize how slippery it is". "And with more volume comes more responses".

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