Actress Sean Young wanted for questioning in Queens burglary

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Actress Sean Young is wanted for questioning by police after she was caught on surveillance video stealing laptops and video production software from a store in New York City. Employees are said to have given police surveillance footage of the crime that allegedly showed Young and an unidentified man breaking into the location and committing theft.

Young, 58, is accused of stealing Apple laptops and video production gear from a business in Astoria, Queens on Thursday, according to Page Six. The stolen items are valued at around $12,000.

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But it was only her likeness that was used, with special effects allowing for a stand-in to appear as Young exactly as she looked in the original film.

Young shot to fame in '80s movies like "Blade Runner", "Wall Street" and "No Way Out", but has been in controversial situations numerous times since then.

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According to Page Six, Young had previously worked at the business from which she allegedly stole, but she was sacked months ago. She is best known, in addition to "Blade Runner", for her roles in "Dune" and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective".

Sean was also placed under a citizens arrest at an after-party for the 2012 Academy Awards due to an altercation with a security guard. The case was settled out of court and Young denied the allegations in a 2007 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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Despite her troubles, her IMDB shows that she has been acting regularly.