Air pollution is making us dumber, study shows

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According to a study conducted by worldwide research Institute food policy (USA) in the period from 2010 to 2014, and polluted air leads to a deterioration of verbal and analytical skills.

The researchers monitored the math and verbal skills of 20,000 people in China over four years to form their conclusions, BBC reported on Tuesday.

"We find that air pollution impairs verbal tests, and the effect becomes stronger as people age, especially for less educated men", it read.

Dirty air shortens the life Scientists of the University of Texas at Austin (USA) found that global air pollution reduces life expectancy of the average person for a year.

The findings underscore the need for China to energetic up the air, says learn about co-creator Xi Chen, a professor of health policy and economics at the Yale College of Public Health.

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Exposure to air pollution over a long period of time significantly damages the cognitive abilities in individuals, a new study has found.

According to the study, cognitive problems can lead to other health problems, including dementia.

Even Indian researchers have done it through various approaches and even if the results might differ by certain percentages depending on the methodologies adopted, the fact remains that there are people who are dying prematurely due to air pollution, it said.

"Our findings on the damaging effect of air pollution on cognition imply that the indirect effect of pollution on social welfare could be much larger than previously thought", Zhang added.

The result of that action, if allowed to stand, will subject all USA citizens to higher levels of air pollution in the name of boosting profits for fossil fuel companies.

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The study, with a sample size of almost 32,000, examined the relationship between cognitive test scores, taken from the nationally representative China Family Panel Studies longitudinal survey conducted in 2010 and 2014, with short- and long-term air pollution exposure calculated from official air pollution index values. Differences between male and female brains may also account for this difference, the study said.

The shock figures come as 90% of the world's urban population is now breathing in unsafe levels of air pollution.

China's largest cities are among the world's most polluted based on air quality.

A good number of India's most polluted cities are not too keen to clean up their act, according to a list maintained by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). It is alarming that more than 8,500 children die every year in the country from diseases caused by indoor air pollution.

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