Azealia Banks claims she's been waiting for Grimes at Elon Musk's home

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If you didn't think music was a serious business then think again because rapper Azealia Banks has found herself trapped at the home of tech billionaire Elon Musk and now refusing to leave until she finishes a collaboration his pop-singer girlfriend Grimes.

"Literally been sitting at Elon Musk's house alone for days waiting for Grimes to show up and start these sessions [.] I have no idea when she is coming back. They invited me here to stay and told me I couldn't bring my boyfriend", she wrote. Assumedly their wires got crossed, as yesterday Banks posted an Instagram story which said she showed up at Musk's Bel Air mansion to find no Grimes.

In the aftermath, she made several explosive claims, one that seems to have caught a lot of attention is the fact she said the Tesla chairman had been tweeting on acid.

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In Instagram DMs with the publication, Banks said that Musk was "scrounging for investors" after tweeting out that he planned to take Tesla private and that he had funding "secured".

However, when reached via Twitter direct messages, Musk told Gizmodo that he "has never even met [Banks] or communicated with her in any way".

'They then held several additional meetings with me over the next year to reiterate this interest and to try to move forward with a going private transaction, ' Musk added. "But his dumb-- kept tweeting and tucked his dick in between his a- cheeks once s-- hit the fan".

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Banks further elaborated on her experience in an interview with Business Insider, which was able to confirm Banks' presence "at one of Musk's properties this weekend" via an independent secondary source. But instead, the couple went into hiding as Musk was frantically "scrounging" for investors after his August 7 tweet.

She accused Musk of being distracted after his decision to take Tesla private. "He was stressed and red in the face".

Earlier this summer, Banks revealed that she was working with Grimes, 30, on a song for her album "Fantasea II: The Second Wave", according to NME.

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"He's not cute at all in person", she added. Given that Musk's online presence has become increasingly weird, investors might be better off checking developments via Azealia Banks' Instagram than ... wherever you check for stock-based news.