Ben Schwartz is the new voice of Sonic The Hedgehog

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Some Sonic the Hedgehog fans may not be familiar with Schwartz, and may be anxious about his ability to do Sonic justice on the big screen.

Ben Schwartz, famous for playing the obnoxious "pick-up artist and baller" Jean-Ralphio on Parks And Recreation has been picked to voice the titular speed demon in the live-action/animation hybrid Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Based on the popular Sega video game of the same name, Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog film will mix both live-action and CGI elements. And now he's getting his own movie, and the actor who will voice the speedy, blue hero has been revealed.

While Ben Schwartz will be lending his voice to a character that will be created entirely in post-production, Jim Carrey will be doing live-action work for his villainous role in the movie. Schwartz now lends his voice to Dewey in Disney Channel's Duck Tales reboot, and he will later be heard as the voice of Leonardo in the Nickelodeon animated series, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is set to debut this September.

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Considering the unique look of Robotnik, as you can see above, people have been curious how they're going to pull off this character in the movie. We're noticing a lot of blue with this one.

Sonic the Hedgehog is scheduled for a 15th November 2019 release in cinemas, telling the tale of Sonic's quest to defeat Doctor Robotnik, release innocent imprisoned animals and take back the Chaos Emeralds. Deadpool's Tim Miller will serve as executive producer on the project. The film is set to be directed by Jeff Fowler, who previously worked on the Oscar-nominated Gopher Broke.

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