Canadian policy say 4 killed in mass shooting incident in Fredericton

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There has been a shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick resulting in at least four deaths.

At least four people are reported to have died during the incident that occurred at 8.20am local time (12.20pm GMT).

Police in Fredericton, New Brunswick responded to the shooting in a residential neighborhood at around 7am on Friday, taking one suspect into custody after an intensive emergency response.

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Police continue to have the Brookside area contained for the foreseeable future as the investigation is ongoing. "More information will be available when we can confirm".

Fredericton is located about 50 miles northeast of the USA border with Maine.

The police also tweeted saying the incident was ongoing and there were multiple fatalities.

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The CBC contacted employees at a nearby Tim Hortons and they said they have locked their doors so customers can't exit or enter.

The Winnipeg native, who lives immediately off Brookside, said residents have been advised to stay inside with their doors locked. "It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop", Mr DiDiodato said.

Several police, firefighters and paramedics are at the scene.

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