Category 3 Hurricane Hector roars in Pacific far from land

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Hurricane Hector is forecast to slide just south of the Hawaiian Islands this week.

Hector has entered the Central Pacific as a Category 4 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with increased forward movement near 15 miles per hour and maximum sustained winds are near 140 miles per hour. Kilauea volcano continues to erupt in Hawaii, and now the islands are in the path of a category 3 hurricane.

So far, lava from Kilauea volcano destroyed buildings and homes causing thousands to evacuate nearby areas, but in mid-July, a lava bomb from the volcano hit a nearby boat and injured 23 people.

Hawaii emergency officials are keeping track of a hurricane that's expected to pass to the south of the islands this week. Now, Hurricane Hector is forecast to slide along the south coast of the island by midweek.

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Hurricane Hector strengthened to a Category 4 storm Saturday as it churned toward the Central Pacific.

"Hector is our first hurricane this year".

"A motion toward the west-northwest at an increased forward speed is expected through Tuesday, followed by a westward motion Tuesday night through Friday", weather officials said in a bulletin.

The NHC issued a tropical storm warning Wednesday for Hawaii County, and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency advised residents to prepare an emergency kit that includes at least a 14-day supply of food, water and other necessities.

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Mayor Harry Kim said the session was aimed at getting staff familiar with the background regarding the storm, which was approaching the 140-degree longitude boundary into the Central Pacific.

Hurricane Hector's current trajectory puts the hurricane on a virtual collision course with Kilauea on the southern part of the island.

Scientists differ over how hurricanes and volcanoes might interact, including the question of whether low atmospheric pressure could help trigger an eruption.

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