Dota 2 Pros Play Bots, Get Wrecked

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Comprised of five neural networks, one of which crushed a pro player in a 1 v 1, the OpenAI team has already defeated plenty of Dota 2 amateurs and is now going full S̶k̶y̶n̶e̶t pro.

In order to make the game manageable for AI bots, the game was tweaked a bit.

After OpenAI took down members of the audience easily during a warmup round, the bot network started and finished the first of the two matches strongly, stopping its human opponents from destroying any of its defensive towers. Apparently, the five-on-five bot team has been in development all year, but this was the first true competition against real professionals.

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A team comprising five artificial intelligence agents that had learned to play Dota 2 from scratch simply by exploring and experimenting, has convincingly beaten a team of five human player, four of whom are top ranked Dota 2 professionals.

OpenAI bots played a match (with some significant alterations) against current pro player David "MoonMeander" Tan, former pros Ben "Merlini" Wu, William "Blitz" Lee and Ioannis "Fogged" Lucas and caster Austin "Capitalist" Walsh. In this situation, skill didn't really come into play as much, as the well-crafted lineup from the humans simply out-matched the poorly picked OpenAI, and it was the only victory that any group managed to take against them. We know that this is a machine that is tasked with being incredible at Dota 2 but you really need to see just how good it is to understand why my jaw is permanently on the floor. It won the first game in 21 minutes and 37 seconds. This was an implemented as an extension of adding a win probability output to the neural network to introspect what OpenAI Five is predicting.

In preparation this year's Valve International 8 later this month has an OpenAI Five Benchmark match was held in San Francisco on August 5th.

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OpenAI's initiatives with Dota 2 began in March past year.

Just recently, OpenAI showed off that it's system was intelligent enough to face off against human opposition, learning and exploring the many complexities of Dota 2 at a rapid rate compared to the human mind.

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