Footage shows botched eyebrow job lead to wild brawl in nail salon

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Cops wound up arresting a salon worker and one of the patrons Friday night after the incident, though it's unclear which one.

The brawl broke out at New Red Apple Nail salon and witness Mercy Maduka recorded and uploaded the video to Facebook.

Police had to escort the salon owners out of the business today as furious community members shouted around them.

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Police said Zhing was taken to the hospital before being arrested because of visible injuries to her face and body, PIX 11 reports.

"So I'm at the nail salon and they.[expletive]. up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke outttt", she wrote, including the salon's address. She was later released following a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court, police said. Both she and the salon's owners agree that she wasn't happy with how the eyebrow wax turned out.

Empress Ak wrote on Facebook, "I am standing with the elder who was thrown acetone in her face while her granddaughter was attacked". Surveillance video released by the Chinese American Nail Association shows the verbal argument escalating into a physical fight. However, the customers said they already paid for the pedicures. The employee then struck the customer with a broom, according to police.

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The customer, Christina Thomas, refused to pay because she did not like the way the owner, Huiyue Zheng, waxed her eyebrows. The association tells CBS2 the altercation could have easily been avoided.

Two of the women in the video have since been arrested.

On Monday, protesters gathered outside of the nail salon, New Red Apple Nail, at 1426 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, calling for the business to be shut down, according to PIX 11. It eventually closed early, with police escorting workers to a waiting van. "They had their sticks and it felt like a horror movie". "We're here to demand justice".

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A nail salon erupted in violence with a grandmother and two other customers attacked with a broomstick because of an eyebrow wax gone wrong.