Google Fit gets ready to take on the Apple Watch

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The amount of Heart Points you earn is also based on the intensity of the exercise. "The new Google Fit is centered around two simple and smart activity goals based on AHA and WHO's activity recommendations shown to impact health: Move Minutes and Heart Points".

Google Fit, while functional hasn't been quite on par with competitors since its launch. Move minutes are created to encourage you to move more and sit less. The ring system looks a lot like Apple's activity tracking, but in addition to tracking normal movement and more vigorous workouts, Apple has a third ring that tracks standing. It would be a good idea to take the stairs and not the elevator if you sit for hours on end, or you could catch up with a friend over a walk rather than sit and drink coffee.

What do you think of the new Fit?

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Google has updated its fitness tracking app Google Fit.

The second element of the update is called Move Minutes, which will just record your active time. They are separate from Move Minutes because the higher intensity of the activity results in great heart health benefit. Moderate activity, like fast walking, will earn you one point per minute, while more intense stuff like running or kickboxing will net you two points per minute.

The update is rolling out to users who already use Google Fit on their Android phone or Wear OS by Google watch over the next several days.

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Google Fit is the go-to app for fitness enthusiasts on the Android platform: made by Google itself, Fit gives you an overview of your daily activities and stimulates you to move more and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

The new Google Fit is also seeing a refresh in its UI, with a big tracker up top with those two metrics, followed by a breakdown of the rest of your health stats, including your history for the past week. People can also manually tell the app if they're doing activities that are more hard to detect, such as Pilates or gardening. You can also still integrate apps like Strava, and you'll see these workouts in the Journal section of the app.

All this physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep and improve mental well-being.

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