Parents Are Getting Their Kids Fortnite Tutors

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In the kids. The kids want to play it, the kids want to be good at it, the kids want to be the best MUM BUY ME LESSONS OTHERWISE I SHALL SCREECH.

In fact, some parents are claiming that the reason they are paying for Fortnite tutors is so that their children are no longer struggling to play the game that their friends are playing. Logan Werner, an 18-year-old "Fortnite" coach in Roy, Utah, said his dad would never have allowed video game coaching, according to Axios. According to the Wall Street Journal's Sarah Needleman, parents are shelling out an average of around 10 to 20 dollars an hour for these tutors to come and teach their kids how to become better Battle Royale competitors.

Gaming scholarships are actually a real thing in 2018, and Ohio's Ashland University even includes Fortnite as one of the games you can use to get a discount on tuition.

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In our previous coverage in April, you won't believe how much eSports players are earning, so you can understand the parents' hopeful investments.

On the opposite side, if your child becomes a stud who racks up 10 kill games constantly and can win lots of games, then they'll become more popular in the group.

Forget baseball or hoops, parents are now spending money to get their children coaching help for video games. Another parent, Nick Mennen, hired a Fortnite tutor for his 12-year old son. She also explained the pressure isn't only on playing the game, but to be good at playing it, too. "You can imagine what that was like for him at school".

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The WSJ report names contracting sites like Bidvine who has hired out hundreds of video game tutors in recent months.

"I want them to excel at what they enjoy", Euan Robertson told The Wall Street Journal.

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