QAnon supporters are ecstatic Ron DeSantis won in Florida last night

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Florida Republicans and Democrats both got the opponents they most wanted to face in the governor's race ― due in part, ironically enough, to the interventions of two Mar-a-Lago denizens. "He got a pass in the Democrat primary".

Ron DeSantis, fresh off a Trump-endorsed victory in the Florida gubernatorial primary, was under fire Wednesday for using a "racist dog whistle", in a television interview about his opponent.

In an interview with Fox News correspondent Sandra Smith, DeSantis shared his thoughts on Gillum, referring to him as an "articulate spokesman for far left views". "I think it's going to be a great contrast and we will make sure we take it to him".

The victor of the Florida governor's race will give his or her party an advantage in a key political battleground heading into the 2020 presidential campaign.

Florida, Florida Florida - the governor's race just became the hottest race to watch this fall.

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President Donald Trump is giving his "total and complete Endorsement!" to Arizona's Republican Senate candidate, Martha McSally.

In the past, had the GOP picked candidates for governor that were Donald Trump clones, the assumption would've been it had gone off the deep end and thrown away any chance for victory.

Gillum has aligned with the left of his party on federal issues including Medicare for All, which would provide the federal health care plan to everyone. By the same token, had the Democrats picked African-American "progressives" to run in these two southern states, pundits would have said they'd conceded any chance of victory in November.

Meanwhile, Putnam, 43, has held elected office continuously since he was 22, first as a member of the Florida House before heading to Congress and winning the agriculture commissioner job in 2010. He went on Fox News to talk about the upcoming race against, Gillum, who would be the state's first black governor if elected in November.

They believe their best opportunity to win is to remind registered Democrats, independent voters and even some Republicans about Trump's volatile temperament, his serial dishonesties, his history with women, his self-dealing, the ongoing special counsel's probe into possible Russian collusion with his presidential campaign ― and tie all of that to DeSantis too.

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DeSantis also came out fighting, criticizing Gillum as "way, way, way too liberal for the state of Florida".

Supporters at DeSantis' party in Orlando chanted "Ron! Ron!"

"With one tweet, that kind of put me on the map", DeSantis said.

Marquez Peterson beat Brandon Martin, Danny Morales and Casey Welch in Tuesday's primary for Arizona's 2nd Congressional District. DeSantis contends that this anti-business attitude would undo the economic gains Florida made under Republican Gov. Rick Scott's leadership. He ran for Senate in 2016 but dropped out when Republican Sen.

He attacked Putnam from the right on issues such as immigration and education reform while also making environmental protection a key issue in the race, an unusual twist in a GOP primary. With Stacey Abrams' nomination in Georgia, there are now parallel governors' races taking place in the neighboring states, pitting a progressive African-American against a Trump-backed nationalist.

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