SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearing Scheduled

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The Senate will begin the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on September 4.

He expects the hearings to last between three to four days.

A spokeswoman for Feinstein said the senator is "reviewing options in the event he continues to restrict access to only senators on the committee".

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday did begin releasing a small slice of documents related to Kavanaugh's work in the early 2000s for Bush, including the administration's response to the September 11 attacks. Chuck Grassley. Kavanaugh's appearance will be followed by testimony from legal experts and people who know the judge.

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White House spokesperson Raj Shah said that "Chairman Grassley has lived up to his promise to lead an open, transparent and fair process". He has a record of judicial independence and applying the law as it is written. "Judge Kavanaugh looks forward to addressing the Judiciary Committee in public hearings for the American people to view".

This announcement comes after the committee has received the largest number of Executive Branch records ever for the consideration of a Supreme Court nominee. "Not only is a massively conflicted Republican lawyer, who previously worked for Judge Kavanaugh, cherry-picking what documents the Senate Judiciary Committee can see, he is now telling the Committee what the rest of the Senate and the American public can see - and Republicans are playing along".

"Republicans" mad rush to hold this hearing after unilaterally deciding to block almost all of Judge Kavanaugh's records from public release is further evidence that they are hiding important information from the American people, and continues to raise the question, "What are they hiding?'" Schumer said in a statement.

Kavanaugh's record is clear. This extends the timeline that was set for the committee's consideration of Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Neil Gorsuch.

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"As I said after his nomination, Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most respected jurists in the country and one of the most qualified nominees ever to be considered by the Senate for a seat on our highest court. Concerned Women for America's "Women for Kavanaugh" six-state bus tour spent time this week at Senator Grassley's town halls in Iowa, and we saw how enthusiastic Americans - especially women - are about Judge Kavanaugh's nomination", Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, said.

"Democrats have already announced that they oppose him, so this claim that they need more time or more documents is nothing more than a show, a fishing expedition designed to obstruct and create gridlock", JCN's chief counsel and policy director Carrie Severino said.

Harris, the potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who sits on the Judiciary Committee, will likely use the confirmation hearing-and the huge national klieg lights that come with it-to elevate her profile with left-wing primary voters ahead of a potential presidential campaign.

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