Sony developing Jackpot and Silk movies for its Spider-Man universe

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Altogether, the company retains the rights to about 900 such characters - and you can bet they'll try and make a movie out of every single one of them, should Venom turn out to do okay. The story also mentions that the aforementioned Silver Sable-Black Cat team-up movie has been binned in favour of solo films focusing on either character. Part of the reason is that the studios joined forces on Spider-Man: "Homecoming, with Marvel coming on board as a producer", Variety notes.

In addition to Venom, which is an actual nearly-finished movie that, barring some sort of apocalyptic event, will definitely be out this October, Sony is also developing a movie based on Morbius, the Living Vampire. Sony has also had discussions on other Spider-Man characters such as Silk and Nightwatch, with Variety reporting that the Spidey adjacent superhero Jackpot is also in the works for her own movie. Along with Morbius, Sony has brought in writer Richard Wenk (Equalizer 2) to start on a script that will cover one of Spider-Man's most famous foes, Kraven the Hunter.

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They believe Black Cat can stand on her own and will feature in her own film.

Sony's upcoming Venom film may be eyeing a PG-13 rating instead of the previously rumored R, but Tom Hardy's symbiote-bonded Eddie Brock certainly isn't pulling any punches in this terrifying new image.

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Sony's Marvel Universe is by far one of the most confusing enterprises now going, and though Tom Hardy's Venom looks better by the day, no one really knows who the franchise is for, with an apparent connection to Disney's MCU still up in the air, and Tom Holland's Spider-Man nowhere to be seen. The status of spin-offs Silver & Black and Nightwatch were, however, in doubt - until now. Before Jake Gyllenhaal had been tapped as Mysterio for Spider-Man: Far From Home, I had been rooting like insane for Kraven to be the next Spider-Man movie villain.

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