Spanish paedophile jailed in Germany for 'buying' boy online

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News agency dpa reported that the Freiburg state court in southwestern Germany sentenced the woman, who has been identified only as Berrin line with German privacy rules, to 12½ years in prison for rape, sexual abuse and forced prostitution.

A 48-year-old woman and her 39-year-old partner (himself a convicted pedophile) have been convicted of selling the woman's now-10-year-old son on the darknet to pedophiles and raping and abusing him themselves, per the Local.

The judge, Stefan Bürgelin, said the child's mother started abusing her child after her partner, Christian L, threatened to leave her. Some of the abuse was filmed.

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The case which horrified Germany came to light following an anonymous tip last September, and led to the arrest of eight people who were charged with belonging to an online paedophile ring.

On Tuesday, the Freidburg court convicted the couple for forced prostitution, rape, sexual and physical abuse, humiliation and bondage in nearly 60 separate identified acts. It said the mother was aware from the start of the man's pedophile tendencies and previous conviction.

The mother confessed to the crimes during the trial but did not reveal her motive.

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A Spanish national received a 10-year prison sentence on Monday after admitting that he had raped the boy on at least 15 occasions and had paid the mother and her partner more than 10,000 euros. The verdict was based on confessions by the pair and the videos of the abuse.

Christian was supposed to be barred from having contact with children and the boy was removed from the couple's custody in March 2017.

Officials took the boy away from his mother in March previous year following vague indications from police that he might be at risk, but a local court sent him back weeks later on condition that she not allow any contact between the child and her partner.

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