'Supergirl' Movie In The Works From '22 Jump Street' Writer

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(Arrow was The CW's first DC Comics adaptation to kickstart the new venture following Smallville's conclusion.) Even so, as The Flash's Grant Gustin and Justice League's Ezra Miller have proven, just because a comic book character is licensed on television doesn't mean he, she, or it can't pop up in the struggling film universe spearheaded by Warner Bros.

So there is optimism instead of dread at the idea of a new Supergirl movie, which is apparently happening now.

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As of yet, no director or producer have been attached to the script, though the movie studio is thought to be looking to hire a female director for the project. She's a cousin of Superman who escaped the planet Krypton as a teenager with the infant Superman as they made their way to Earth.

While that is the extent of the substantive details, the belief is that - similar to the separate movie/television dynamic of The Flash with Ezra Miller in the movies and Grant Gustin on TV - the new cinematic Supergirl will be a different iteration from the one now played by Melissa Benoist on The CW television series.

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Intriguingly, the report mentions rumors that Warner Bros. and DC are in the process of setting up what Deadline characterizes as "a new template" for future Superman movies, which would seem to suggest that Henry Cavill's time as Superman may soon be coming to an end. Whether the celebrated superhero will be making an appearance in the planned film has not been publicly announced. Other films in the pipeline at DC include The Joker set for next October, Birds of Prey starring Margo Robbie as Harley Quinn, and a new Batman movie, likely without Ben Affleck.

Supergirl was previously seen on the silver screen in the 1984 film named after the titular character. Before that, she was most famously played by Helen Slater in the 1984 feature film that failed to take flight with either critics or fans. According to Deadline, Oren Uziel (writer of, well, The Cloverfield Paradox) has been hired to write a script. However, it's since garnered a strong cult following in more recent years.

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