Third Strong Earthquake Shakes Indonesian Island as Death Toll Tops 300

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The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake at magnitude 5.9.

"People in the street began to panic and got out of their cars, they ran in different directions in the middle of the traffic".

Nyoman Sidekarya, chief of the provincial search and rescue agency that covers Lombok, told The Associated Press that the death toll from Sunday's magnitude 7.0 quake is now 227.

Indonesian disaster relief authorities are trying to find food, potable water, and medical care for the 1,477 people severely injured and the 156,000 forced to evacuate their homes due to the disaster.

A foreign tourist stands near damaged buldings as he tries to flag down a vehicle following a strong natural disaster in Pemenang, North Lombok, Indonesia on August 6, 2018.

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Emergency workers are continuing to dig through rubble and are gradually starting to reach more remote areas of the large island.

It was centered in the northwest of the island and didn't have the potential to cause a tsunami, Indonesia's geological agency said.

Lombok is a roughly 4500 sq km island east of the slightly larger island of Bali.

A field hospital has also been established near an evacuation centre catering to more than 500 people in the village of Tanjung. Tens of thousands are now sleeping out in the open or in the ruins of their homes.

The death toll of Sunday's quake now stands at 319 but is likely to rise, according to Indonesia's chief security minister Wiranto, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

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"I visited villages yesterday that were completely collapsed".

With hospitals and clinics also affected, numerous injured have had to be treated in the open air or in makeshift clinics.

Grieving relatives were burying their dead and medics tended to people whose broken limbs hadn't yet been treated in the days since the quake. There are growing concerns that the important tourism industry will be badly hit at what should be a busy time.

Across much of the island, a popular tourist destination, once-bustling villages have been turned into virtual ghost towns.

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