Trump Administration Loosens Restrictions On Short-Term Insurance Plans

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According to NBC News, 3 million fewer people had health insurance in 2017 compared to the year prior, and city-subsidized health centers in Columbus saw nearly 3,000 more uninsured patients.

HHS cited statistics from 2016 when the average short-term plan premium was $124 compared to $393 on the exchanges.

The administration said the plans can last up to 12 months and will be allowed to be extended to a maximum of three years - reversing Obama-era rules that limited the coverage to no more than three months.

Short-term plans join "association health plans" for small businesses as the administration promotes lower-cost insurance options that cover less.

Administration officials said that the plans will contain notices urging consumers to read their policies carefully so they are aware of any exclusions or limitations regarding coverage of pre-existing conditions or health benefits, such as hospitalization, preventative care or prescription drugs. These rule changes represent his attempts to "reinvent and transform the system we have (with) the tools we have at our disposal" in a way that gives "as many options to individuals as possible".

"'If we don't get it done" in Congress, President Trump has said, "we are going to watch Obamacare go down the tubes, and we'll blame the Democrats. and at some point, they are going to come and say, 'You've got to help us, '" the complaint alleges, adding that Trump has repeatedly stated that Obamacare is "essentially dead".

Buyers take note: Plans will carry a disclaimer that they don't meet the ACA's requirements and safeguards.

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An Urban Institute study last winter estimated that 4.2 million people would enroll in the expanded version of short-term plans the administration had in mind.

Also, short-term plans don't have to offer comprehensive coverage. This could have the effect of driving premiums slightly higher on the ACA exchanges, because healthier people will leave the market, according to the CBO.

Insurers must prominently display in the application and contract that the plan lacks many ACA protections.

'The broader availability and longer duration of slimmed-down policies that do not provide comprehensive coverage has the potential to harm consumers, both by making comprehensive coverage more expensive and by leaving some consumers unaware of the risks of these policies, ' said Justine Handelman of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, whose members are a mainstay of ACA coverage.

Premiums for the average benchmark ACA plan rose by 34 percent this year, according to a recent Congressional Budget Office report.

President Donald Trump has been enthusiastic. In April comments to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the insurer groups said that doing so could destabilize the individual market and cause premiums to rise for those who want comprehensive coverage.

More than 9,000 people and organizations commented on the rule, since February when it was first proposed.

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Consumers paid more for fewer choices under the Affordable Care Act, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement.

"To restore these to 364 days - as originally drafted - is exactly what we are looking for", said Jan Dubauskas, general counsel for the IHC Group, speaking before the final rule was released. "The proposed rule fails to adequately protect our community". They can include dollar limits on coverage. "This will make a low-priced option like short-term insurance even more attractive, particularly if insurers further adapt their benefits and conditions of coverage to better align with the needs of the unsubsidized population".

57% cover mental health needs.

"It's very much buyer beware".

Enrollees who get injured or sick are likely to return to the ACA's guaranteed-issue market at open enrollment and buy a plan that covers their condition, further weakening the ACA market.

The policies will be available for 12 months at a time, up from a current limit of three, and customers will be able to renew them for additional years.

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