Unexpected baby boom sees 16 nurses at same hospital fall pregnant

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They all work at the ICU unit at Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, outside Phoenix, Arizona, and admit to being surprised by the news themselves.

"Sixteen nurses who work in intensive care at the medical center Mesa, pregnant women", the message reads.

There's a baby boom coming to a hospital in Arizona, with 16 nurses preparing to give birth over the coming months. "I liked it. I didn't plan it, we had a contract, I didn't know about it?", said Packard.

"That's how I finished, knowing that everyone was pregnant. Did we have some kind of pact going I didn't know about?"

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"Baby fever is simply a happy coincidence", - she concluded.

"One after another after another", said nurse Jolene Garrow.

The nurses say that they didn't realize how many of them were pregnant at the same time until they created a Facebook group chat, where members kept getting added.

Garrow remarked that as their pregnancies have progressed, patients in the hospital have started noticing that most of the nurses around were heavy with babies.

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You've got to feel for the other nursing staff who will presumably be run off their feet whilst they all take their 12 weeks of maternity leave, but it's still undoubtedly good news.

The nurses said their colleagues are throwing a group baby shower next week.

"They're wondering what's in the water", ICU nurse Ashley Atkins quipped.

But Ashley Adkins anxious that the other nurses are getting exhausted of their pregnancy-focused conversations.

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The nurses said everyone loves to go to the cafeteria together to satisfy the cravings of pregnancy.