6 people are dead after shooting spree in California

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A third man who arrived at the business was also pursued and shot. A victim happened to be in the area and was chased around the building before being shot, he said.

Officials with the Kern County Sheriff's Department said that six people are dead including the shooter in a shooting spree Wednesday evening.

Police say that the incident began when the shooting suspect and his wife entered the trucking company facilities and confronted another male. Youngblood said it's not known if that was the catalyst for the violence, but he said it carries the implications of domestic violence.

The motive and what the gunman's relationship was to the victims is unclear at this time.

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Casarez likely took his ex-wife to the trucking company against her will and then fatally 50-year-old Manuel Contreras with a.50-caliber handgun. The woman and child were able to escape.

Investigators are still trying to piece together how five victims of a mass shooting in Bakersfield are connected.

He said most of the large Garcia family was home at the time of the shooting are devastated and in shock.

The first man fatally shot the second, and then killed his wife as well. The gunman killed himself as a deputy approached. The husband pulled over into a parking lot and when the deputy confronted him with a firearm, the husband turned the gun on himself.

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All the shootings occurred in unincorporated Bakersfield so they were handled by the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

More information is expected to be released Thursday.

A man went on a shooting rampage in California on Wednesday (Sept 12), killing five people including his wife, before taking his own life, a police spokesman told AFP.

Apparently, a husband and wife showed up at the business and confronted somebody there and the husband shot and killed that person.

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The fact that the gunman spared the woman and her baby after commandeering her vehicle indicates to investigators that he may have had a reason for shooting the people he did, according to authorities.