Accuser of Trump's high court nominee willing to testify: email

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Negotiations are ongoing for a possible public hearing next week with Kavanaugh and Ford.

And as Esquire's Charlies P. Pierce wrote on Wednesday, the Republicans are "not interested in a legitimate probe into what Brett Kavanaugh may have done to Christine Blasey Ford", but that are pushing the process forward to get "a quick and dirty he said-she said proceeding that they all can pretend is an actual inquiry".

It doesn't help that Kavanaugh's nominator, President Donald Trump, bragged about groping women on tape.

One key witness in the allegation appeared reluctant to discuss the incident or has no memory of it.

The United States' Senate Judiciary Committee has asked the woman who accused a Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault in the 1980s to decide by Friday if she will testify before the panel, BBC reported.

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In the interview, Collins also said that professor Christine Blasey Ford should testify before the hearing on Monday, that "it would be better for her". Democrats have also called for an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe as a prerequisite to Ford's appearance, a request that only the White House can make but is unlikely to do so.

"Dr. Ford was reluctantly thrust into the public spotlight only two days ago". She also said Mark Judge witnessed it.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a letter setting the 21 September deadline to Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers.

"Monday is her opportunity", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said yesterday, a line that was echoed by other Republicans throughout the day.

"I want to see what she [Prof Ford] has to say but I want to give it all the time they need", the Republican president said. In order to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh's nomination must now be confirmed by the US Senate, which the Republican Party narrowly controls 51-49. Some Republicans have urged their colleagues to get past Ford's allegations and proceed with a vote.

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Christine Blasey Ford and her family have been forced to leave their south Palo Alto home because of "vicious harassment and even death threats", her attorneys said today (Sept. 18) in a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley. He said if Ford refuses to testify then the committee will have no choice but to move forward with a confirmation vote.

After initially saying through a lawyer Monday that she was willing to appear, Ford has since said she first wants a full FBI investigation of her accusation.

"So I can't answer your question until whatever that midnight hour is", Grassley said.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA posted a video on her Twitter feed of a speech Kavanaugh gave in 2015 in which he recalls his life with three friends at Georgetown Preparatory School.

Grassley has said he will not ask the FBI to investigate the allegations, as Ford has requested. Republicans in the Senate are insisting she testify Monday - either publicly or privately. "This is another attempt by Republicans to rush this nomination and not fully vet Judge Kavanaugh". Neither one of those options is useful if she wants to stop Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. And despite Grassley's schedule, it remained unclear if that hearing would occur without her, as a drama that has riveted Washington since emerging a week ago was injected with a fresh burst of election-season suspense.

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