Apple Watch Series 4 announced with larger displays

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The Apple Watch Series 4 will be available from 21 September at $399 for the Global Positioning System model and $499 for the LTE version. An option with built-in cellular connectivity will run $499. It will be available for pre-order starting this Friday and will be widely available on September 17th.

The new features have already been approved by the FDA, making the Apple Watch one of the first consumer devices with FDA clearance to be used for medical purposes. It will come in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Polished Space Black, and a new Gold Stainless color. There's a new watch face with up to eight different complications. These include a Pure Platinum/Black Sport Band and a Summit White Sport Loop Band. Apple Watch Hermès colour-blocked bands and exclusive watch faces that shift from one colour to the other with the passage of the minute hand have also been introduced.

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To be extra clear, the Apple Watch Series 4 is created to work with any existing wristbands.

The back of Series 4 is made entirely of ceramic and sapphire crystal.

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Other than this, the watch is thinner than last year's Series 3 and the UI has been tinkered to take advantage of the bigger display. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to Apple Watch sales in 2016 as "off-the-charts" and sales during the 2017 holiday season as record-breaking. The speaker on the Apple Watch is 50 percent louder, to aid with Walkie-Talkie or Siri requests, Williams said. Apple is promising an all-day battery life on the Watch Series 4. Special edition Nike and Hermés models are available, too. Couple this with the fact that watchOS 5 is the first update not coming to all Apple Watch models, and there are going to be more people looking to buy the new Apple Watch this fall. There's a new Breathe app watch face which takes you directly to its core functionality by just raising your wrist. This newest Apple Watch has an accelerometer and gyroscope inside, both of which are now "next-generation" according to Williams.

Speaking of detection the Apple Watch Series 4 can now screen your heart rhythm for irregularities to see if your suffering from atrial fibrillation (which isn't good) and can also detect low heart rates and alert wearers that the end could be nigh. We'll have United Kingdom prices as soon as they're available.

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