Apple's macOS Mojave update is now live and ready for download

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The flaw uses a hole in Apple's implementation of a new security feature in macOS making it all the more ironic.

The above is just a sample of the new features arriving to macOS Mojave.

If Apple has released the macOS update in your region, then you will see a pending update. For example, in the morning your Mac wallpaper will show a location with the sun shining and blue sky, but as your day progresses into night, that same wallpaper will go dark, with clouds appearing in the sky and the sun disappearing...

macOS Mojave is a free upgrade available through Apple's Mac App Store.

Apple is alerting macOS users that "Back to My Mac ends soon", and that "You can continue to use iCloud Drive to access files across your devices". Going forward, macOS Mojave will check for, download, and install software updates according to your preferences.

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The OS is available to download right now for every compatible Mac available, and all you have to do to download it is head on over to the Mac App Store.

Earlier today Microsoft announced that Office 2019 was now available for macOS Mojave. And we're here to rank the most useful upgrades.

If you have bad macOS Mojave battery life, you can try these fixes for bad Macbook battery life, but keep in mind it may be lower than normal for a day while everything finishes up installing and post-install tasks.

Screenshots delivers easy-to-use on-screen controls for quick access to screenshot options and new video recording capabilities. However, Apple's changes to the interface with 10.14 Mojave apparently require beefier hardware, as the list of supported devices has shrunk considerably.

Decide whether to do a clean install of macOS Mojave or carry over your current settings.

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With Continuity Camera users can shoot or scan a nearby object or document using their iPhone, and have it appear on their Mac.

You can also check out the Apple's discussion forums for solutions to issues. It drops support for Macs released between 2009-2011 which were supported in macOS High Sierra. In macOS Mojave, Safari will automatically suggest strong and secure passwords when you sign up for an account online. The process takes only a minute. To do this easily you will need a Time Machine backup and enough time set aside to erase your Mac and restore a backup.

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If you are experiencing macOS Mojave problems and you don't want to downgrade there is hope and help on the way.

Transmit is a file transfer application which has now been updated to version 5.2 with support for the dark mode.

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"Mojave's "dark mode" is gorgeous", Wardle tweeted yesterday. This may be macOS, or a similar number.