As Trump fumes over leaks, Woodward pushes back on criticism

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When Colbert asked if Woodward ever told sources he was going to write a story without the source's perspective, Woodward said no.

When Colbert brought up the fact that some people in the Trump administration were portrayed as types of heroes, Woodward replied, "You get to know these people, and you realize they're speaking from conscience, because they are anxious about Trump doing things". The Trump White House has shocked him more than any of the eight others he's covered, he added, because Trump fundamentally doesn't understand that national security is more than just the US military.

The president's eldest son, who runs the Trump Organization with his brother Eric, also dismissed famed investigative journalist Bob Woodward's newly released tell-all, "Fear".

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, in turn, is quoted as saying the president has the mental capacity of a "fifth or sixth grader", while Chief of Staff John Kelly is quoted as calling Mr Trump "an idiot".

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On Monday, in his first live interview to promote Fear, Woodward said on NBC's Today that he sees President Trump is a threat to the country. "I think that's a shame". "And the USA "must stop payments to Pakistan until they cooperate", Trump said. Earlier also in June 2017, Donald Trump had acknowledged PM Modi as his friend before Modi's first visit to United States after Trump took charge of the White House. Similarly, The New York Times op-ed prompted a parade of statements from top administration officials denying responsibility. Porter, who left the White House in February after two ex-wives leveled abuse allegations against him, is mentioned repeatedly in Woodward's book. He said, 'Come on in, ' and I stayed for a couple of hours.

A transparent exchange of information about what is taking place behind the scenes at the White House could be extremely useful to the public, the group wrote in its letter to the Senate Homeland Security Committee and the House Oversight Committee-but not if details of a chaotic presidency are only hinted at in an anonymous letter.

Finally, Trump Jr. acknowledged that the Democrats could win back the House during the midterm elections. Porter described Woodward's chapters as offering a "selective and often misleading portrait", specifically rebuffing a passage that claims Cohn snatched a document from Mr. Trump's desk that would have pulled the USA out of a trade agreement with South Korea.

As Staff Secretary, I was responsible for managing the flow of documents to and from the Oval Office and ensuring that anything the President was asked to sign had been properly vetted.

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Holding White House officials accountable for continuing to participate in an administration whose leader is "detrimental to the health of our republic" would require Commitee chairmen Sen. "You know, people get complacent". They have to get out and vote.

On the substance of Trump's record, they got nothing, so they try to cover those results up with shallow nonsense, to scare people over nothing.

"He (Modi) told me the U.S. has gotten nothing out of Afghanistan".

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