Biden Eulogises Friend John Mc Cain As 'giant Among All Of Us'

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McCain spoke out several times against Trump, including after the president's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at which Trump appeared to side with Putin instead of US intelligence officials on the issue of election interference.

Nearly a quarter of McCain's fellow senators, Democrats and Republicans, traveled to Arizona to remember him during a carefully executed program that began at the Arizona State Capitol, continued to the Baptist church where he worshiped and ended at the Phoenix airport, where hundreds of Arizona National Guardsmen gave him one final salute.

More recently, Trump declined to mention McCain's name at a signing ceremony for a defense bill named in McCain's honor.

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods said McCain fell in love with the people of Arizona, the diversity of the community and the state's natural beauty.

"We both loved the Senate", said Biden, who mourned the fading of bipartisanship in the chamber over the years. "And John McCain served his country honorably".

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"The disease that took John's life, took our mutual friend Teddy's life, the exact same disease nine years ago a couple of days ago".

Biden, who got to know McCain when he served as a Navy liason for the Senate, recalled traveling around the world with the future Arizona senator in the 1970s as part of his duties on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The president has kept his condolences to a minimum since McCain's death last weekend. I'm a Democrat and I love John McCain. "It's brutal. It's relentless". The Arizona senator, said Biden, "was neither selfish or self-serving". "We had a hell of a lot of family fights".

Biden also noted that the same aggressive brain cancer that claimed McCain also claimed their friend Ted Kennedy and Biden's son Beau. "We go back a long way".

Biden, who represented DE as a USA senator starting in the 1970s before he became vice president to Barack Obama, also spoke about how, during debates in the 1980s and 1990s, he and McCain would often sit next to each other, even though they belonged to opposing parties. It was the "McCain code" that defined him.

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Ending his speech in the same softer tone that he began in, Biden said that McCain's death has hit people so hard because they knew he believed so deeply and so forcefully in the soul of America.

"I always thought of a John as a brother". "An award. for civility", Biden said with just the right amount of incredulity.

McCain's story was the American story, Biden said: "Grounded in respect, decency, basic fairness".

"To paraphrase Shakespeare", Biden concluded.

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