Brett Kavanaugh FBI Investigation Won't Matter: Democrats have their minds made up

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Republicans voted to advance the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh on September 28, concluding a committee process thrown into disarray two weeks ago by the last-minute release of allegations by a female accuser.

Kavanaugh has denied Ford's accusation.

Graham said Thursday that Democrats sat on allegations against Kavanaugh and then sprung them on the nominee at the last minute in a desperate attempt to prevent his confirmation. Flake's call for an FBI investigation into Ford's allegations of assault against Kavanaugh puts a confirmation that was all but certain in peril, and it looked an very bad lot like it was those two women's shouts that got him to change his mind.

In July, Baker, Hogan and Scott were the lone Republican governors to not sign a letter to Senate leaders offering support for Kavanaugh's nomination. "His testimony was powerful, honest and riveting", he tweeted.

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OK, so where does the Senate vote on Kavanaugh now stand? Republicans have criticised the way the claims emerged shortly before his confirmation hearing, claiming they are part of a Democrat plot to derail his nomination.

Sen. John Cornyn, who as majority whip is the second ranking GOP member in the chamber, expressed optimism following a Republican meeting Thursday night that Kavanaugh's nomination will be favorably reported out of the committee on schedule. On the other side, there are 47 Democrats voting against Kavanaugh, with Manchin and Montana's Heidi Heitkamp still publicly undecided.

UH law student Jack DiSorbo said, "I think we've seen mostly what we expected to see".

Christine Blasey Ford is telling her harrowing story of an alleged sexual assault at the hands of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. That dropped to 65 percent as the committee agreed to recommend Kavanaugh's nomination.

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At least one key player in this drama also volunteered to talk: Mark Judge - a boyhood friend of Kavanaugh's who has been accused by Ford of being a bystander to her sexual assault and was named in other allegations - said in a letter to the Judiciary Committee that he would cooperate under certain conditions. "The supplemental FBI background investigation would be limited to current credible allegations against the nominee and must be completed no later than one week from today".

REPUBLICAN SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, contended Friday that the sum of statements by the three witnesses "refutes Dr. Ford's version of the facts".

Senator Jeff Flake, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, announced Friday that he intends to vote to confirm Kavanaugh, according to a statement. She also claims she herself was assaulted at these parties - although she has not implicated Kavanaugh specifically as one of her assailants.

"And it is a time to talk with them honestly and even bluntly about what respect for others, especially respect for women and other marginalized people means in very practical terms_in actions and in words", Van Dyke wrote to the school community September 20. "It's a privilege to be nominated to the Supreme Court - it's not a right", she said. But what exactly the FBI will investigate still remains a mystery.

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When it was Kavanaugh's turn to testify, he pushed back against Blumenthal's line of questioning.