Brett Kavanaugh Refuses To Say Whether He'd Want Mark Judge To Testify

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The release of Swetnick's affidavit comes one day before Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford were set to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Swetnick does not claim in her declaration that there are other witnesses who can attest to any role of Brett Kavanaugh in gang rape.

Russell Ford, with whom Christine Blasey Ford has two children, said in his statement that he first learned that Ford had "any experience with sexual assault" was around the time the couple got married in 2002.

"She's not credible at all", Vinneccy said.

"I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their "turn" with a girl inside the room", she said.

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During the hearing, Kavanaugh emphasized he wished no "ill will" against Ford or her family, though he stressed to the committee that his family has been completely "destroyed" by the accusations.

Among other things, Swetnick said that Kavanaugh had fondled and grabbed girls, attempted to remove their clothing and made "crude sexual comments" at house parties in the Maryland suburb near Washington, D.C., where they attended school.

Swetnick says that she has active clearances at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. Mint and the Internal Revenue Service. The accuser, Julie Swetnick, also says she was herself gang-raped at one of those parties, and that Kavanaugh and Judge were present at the scene of that particular crime.

"Avenatti is a third-rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations, like he did on me and like he is now doing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh", Trump tweeted from a United Nations luncheon event Wednesday.

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Swetnick claimed under penalty of perjury in a document provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee that in approximately 1982, she had been gang-raped at a house party while Kavanaugh and Judge were present.

On Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote on whether to recommend Kavanaugh to the full Senate for Friday.

Avenatti also represents adult film actor and director Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford), who has alleged Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid her to remain silent about a consensual sexual relationship she had with then-businessman and -reality show personality Trump. In other words, she continued to go to parties where women were being sexually abused 10 times without reporting it to anyone and is just now speaking out 37 years later.

Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied all of the allegations against him. "The Senate should immediately stop their process and terminate Kavanaugh's nomination". He said his wife mentioned that she was afraid Trump would pick Kavanaugh, who was on his list of candidates.

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