Donald Trump Tweets Victorious After Brett Kavanaugh’s Pugnacious Testimony: "Senate Must Vote!"

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They anxious that Ford came off as compelling and credible, and began talking as if Kavanaugh's nomination would fail.

The historic Senate hearing featuring dueling testimony from United States supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and university professor Dr Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused him of sexual assault, has arguably left Washington even more bitterly divided than it was before.

The Hawaii senator also sent a fundraising email while the hearing was in session, prompting criticism that she was trying to use Ford's testimony to help her re-election campaign.

To try to prevent that from happening, but even more to show their support for Christine Blasey Ford, the psychology professor who said she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh at a party when both were high school students, marchers - many holding red and white carnations and hand-written placards - braved the increasingly inclement weather. The closest thing there is to corroboration is one anonymous person who says that they had heard about such an incident at the time-but wasn't there. These boys included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump called the Democratic opposition to his candidate and a slew of sexual assault allegations over the last week "a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist". Voice rising to a yell, he said, "My family and my name have been permanently and totally destroyed", citing his decades of service in his community and in high levels of American government.

He broke down in tears at multiple points during his testimony, and alternately raged at the committee Democrats and the "disgrace" of the process. "You may defeat me in the final vote, but you'll never get me to quit".

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Christine Blasey Ford told congress on Thursday that she kept details of her alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh a closely-guarded secret for 36 years - and still has no idea who leaked her confidential letter about it to the media.

Ford, now 51, has said of Kavanaugh, "I believed he was going to rape me". And no one has identified Kavanaugh as having been at the party. "His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting", Trump tweeted.

But Kavanaugh's fate rests mostly with Republicans in the Senate.

She also looks and acts the part of someone whom Republican members of the committee ― 11 male senators ― would deem "credible".

All eyes are on crucial GOP swing-vote senators Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who have both raised concerns about Kavanaugh. Susan Collins. Murkowski and Collins remained largely out of sight on Thursday, although both had said they would be watching the hearing closely.

Earlier in the day, Graham told reporters that Democrats can expect their judicial nominees to also face misconduct allegations in the future.

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"In the end, there's likely to be as much doubt as certainty going out of this room today", Flake said Thursday.

Graham then asked Kavanaugh if he thought Thursday's hearing was a job interview.

But South Carolina Sen.

Republicans are nonetheless working against a clock to confirm Kavanaugh. "I think a lot of senators will be given good reason to vote yes", White House spokesman Raj Shah told TIME. Now a judge in the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, he seemed assured of confirmation until Ford and several other accusers emerged in recent weeks.

She said she feared the personal consequences would be akin to "jumping in front of a train". And in that moment, these two 100 percent realities came to embody a society divided into broader realities so disparate and so incompatible that it feels as if two countries are living in the borders of one.

She is the third woman to have accused Kavanaugh with sexual assault. "You have interacted with professional women all your life".

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The hearing kicks off at 10 AM ET and Ford is first up. "The Senate must vote!" "I don't know. Have you?"