EA refuses to back down on loot box ban in Belgium

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Loot boxes are virtual containers filled with mystery in-game items, such as weapons or currency.

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Some time has passed and it appears that gaming industry big guns like Blizzard, Valve, and 2K Games have all disabled loot boxes in Belgium. Belgium was one location that decided yes, they are, but EA has refused to comply with its new ruling. People can still buy loot boxes in "FIFA 18", Metro said, and "FIFA 19" will have them as well when it launches later this month. Again, the commission's opinion is still that loot boxes are legally regarded as gambling since an unregulated player base is not given certainty on which rare items will be received from the box. A series of other major titles from Overwatch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have restricted loot box purchases for players in Belgium, and EA is the last major player named by regulators yet to comply. As such, the Belgian government is taking the company to court.

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The Belgium Government has launched a criminal investigation against EA due to the publisher's refusal to modify Federation Internationale de Football Association lootboxes.

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The case has now been handed over to the Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office. It highlights EA CEO Andrew Wilson as the man behind the decision to continue loot boxes throughout the summer, after Wilson stated in May that "players always receive a specified number of items in each pack". While Valve, Blizzard and 2K Games all complied by removing the practice from their games in the region, EA has done nothing to rectify its Federation Internationale de Football Association packs, reportedly resulting in a criminal investigation.