FDA approves heart monitor in new Apple Watch

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While the iPhone has made Apple the world's most valuable company, worth more than US$1 trillion, it has slipped to third place among smartphone makers as Chinese-based Huawei has grabbed the number two spot.

Apple also announced a new iPhone XR starting at $749, available in October, with a 6.1-inch display to broaden its pool of buyers. Here's what we know about each device.

The Digital Crown on the side has also been completely redesigned with haptic feedback so you'll actually be able to "feel" as you scroll through photos, text messages or settings. The iPhone XR is a low cost iPhone and has an LCD display.

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While most of us were enjoying our recommended hours of sleep last night, Apple announced three new additions to their iPhone lineup - their latest, greatest, and verily, expensivest pieces of smartphones that fanboys will sell their firstborn for.

Moving to the camera, both the iPhones will have two 12-MP cameras one of which will be a telephoto lens and the other will be a wide-angle lens. The XR, meanwhile, is a "budget" (by Apple standards) variant that uses an LCD display panel and has only one camera. This looks like a direct replacement of the smaller iPhone 8. Xs Max is offered at £1,099, £1,249 and £1,449 price that is PKR 175,000, 200,000 and 230,000 respectively. "It is a smart strategy to keep more people in the Apple ecosystem and get even more people to come into it". Pre-orders begin on October 19, and the phone will ship on October 26. But that's about R4,000 less than the starting price for the XS, and XR comes with a bigger screen. Also, with this launch, Apple has killed off last year's iPhone X, iPhone SE as well as the iPhone 6S series, its last models with a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Mr Schiller said the iPhone XR was introduced to help Apple "reach as many customers as we can".

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The two more expensive new iPhone models have steel bodies available in gold, silver, and space grey, while the XR comes with a less damage-resistant aluminum chassis which will be available in six colors: blue, coral, yellow, white, black, and red.

If the "Portrait Mode" impressed you before, it now allows you to shoot with "professional-level bokeh", and adjust the depth of field of your photographs both during and after image capture. In comparison, iPhone XS has 2436x1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi pixel density.

Others pointed out that it was a missed opportunity, arguing that the firm should have called its XS Max - which has the biggest iPhone display yet - the iPhone XL. The feature has been copied in many Android phones.

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