Fortnite Port-A-Fortress Grenade Will "Take Defence to New Heights"

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As for the Fortnite Port-a-Fortress item, well this could well be meta-changing.

Somewhat mysteriously, only 20 minutes before Epic unveiled the new item, Reddit user Feralidragon posted a concept for a legendary Port-A-Fort they'd created in playground mode. If you struggle to build quickly in the game, carrying one of these around with you for tricky situations should come in very handy.

We've seen a number of fan made Spiky Stadiums ever since Playground was first introduced, so it looks like Epic Games has been inspired by your content - so keep it coming!

Fortnite's servers have gone down in the early morning hours once again, so you know what that means-an update is on the way.

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"Imagine new ways to play with the Spiky Stadium".

Those players who enjoy Playground Mode will be interested in the new Spiky Stadium, an item that can be thrown down to create a huge stadium with, as the name implies, spiked walls, bouncers and more to provide 4-players with tons of fun.

We've yet to see the construction that will result from throwing one of these beauties down, but judging from the item's image it'll have a 3x3 base, resulting in a sizable step up from the Port-A-Fort's paltry 1x1 bottom. The item itself can be found in Vending Machines, chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas.

Despite it being a Legendary item, you can find them quite easily, with them being found in so many different places.

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However, the best bit of the stadium is the fact that you get loads of impulse grenades.

Reduced the edit button hold timing when using a controller. Moreover, the storm will no longer damage structures during the last few circles of the match.

Players can expect to see these new features right now!

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