'Fortnite' Season 6 brings Halloween content and adorable pets

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Fortnite Season 6 has gone live today, bringing with it a transformed Battle Royale map shrouded in all-pervading purple darkness, and a new Battle Pass with 100 levels and over 100 rewards to unlock. You can check the official Fortnite website to see what's included in each tier of the season 6 Battle Pass, and head down to the comments section to tell us what your favorite skin of the season is. Check out the Fortnite 6 Battle Pass and other new content in the trailers below. The latest season of the game is launching along with the new Battle Pass, too.

Loot Lake is, no doubt, the most noticeable change to the map.

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Islands floating, crops growing, Storm approaching. Corrupted areas have Shadow Stones scattered about, which should be consumed to "uncover their power". These areas are home to new "Shadow Stones", new consumable items in the environment that will apply a "Shadow Form" to your character-while you'll be unable to use weapons in this state, you can turn invisible while stationary and phase through objects.

Finally, the corn in Fatal Fields has started to grow at the beginning of the fall season.

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With Season 6, Epic is introducing a new Halloween theme for the game, just in time for Halloween, of course. The hero and villain bases from Season 4 have also been significantly damaged.

Although there certainly weren't as many changes as some fans were expecting, the map is slightly different in season six. Fortnite is known for its ever-evolving map, courtesy of Epic's frequent updates.

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