Google celebrates 20 years, walks down memory lane

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Earlier this month we saw Google testing what we called relevant history, but now Google is calling it related activity cards.

Google also overhauled the ranking algorithm on Image results to take into consideration not just the quality and relevance of the picture itself, but also of the content on the page where the photo lives.

While most of us take the underlying technology for granted, there are some interesting things at play.

"Fast forward to today, and now we index hundreds of billions of pages in our index - more information than all the libraries in the world could hold". For example, an image of a tiger might generate concepts like "feline", "animal", or "big cat".

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Google is overhauling its mobile search app in honor of the company's 20th anniversary. This makes it easy to revisit past searches and the websites you visited along the way. Not sure what to make of this change, but Google says they feel it's going to be a place "where you cannot only search, but also discover useful, relevant information and inspiration from across the web for the topics you care about most".

The other two shifts include going from queries to providing a query-less way to get information, and from text to a more visual way of finding information.

For those of you who have the Google app installed on their phones, it is nothing new.

Here's to 10 more years of Android, and 20 more years of Google. Again this feature is made more specifically for smartphone users. Most of the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes.

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Probably the most notable to these added features is the AI (artificial intelligence) which makes relevant video clips based on your searches, since Google now anticipates and customizes users' searches.

Additionally, did you know that Brin and Page had named Google, Backrub at the start of their venture?

Today the launch of Discover also happened, a stream of contextual topic headings and cards on the Google homepage; AI-powered tools created to help in emergencies, including a flood prediction model (which will roll out first in India); and Pathways, a job search tool that recommends listings and training programs (it's launching in Virginia). This is critical to help you understand the page behind the image. Feature is is only available for companies that will see their content displayed in a new format in the search results.

In other words, Google search results will be quite different now.

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