Here's what you'll pay in South Africa for Apple's new iPhone models

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Apple made a big mistake by removing its smallest and most affordable iPhone from its lineup.

The biggest iPhone with the largest storage will cost US$1,449 and that did not go unnoticed by the reviewers, with many observing that a 512 GB XS Max was actually more expensive than some MacBooks. Just check out the queue in front of the Apple Store in Singapore. Other outlets, such as the IFC mall in Hong Kong, had much shorter lines as sales were largely restricted to those that had already ordered.

For connectivity, the phone has dual-SIM, dual standby technology.

Of course, Apple could be factoring in the bold battery performance improvements iOS 12 has to offer, but only time will tell how the iPhone XS truly compares to its predecessor through day-to-day usage and testing. While the host doesn't really speak to how easy or hard it'll be to carry out DIY repairs on the new iPhone, the video certainly suggests that performing your own repairs won't exactly be a walk in the park.

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The global smartphone industry has stalled at about 1.5 billion devices sold each year.

While many Android phones are making the jump to 6GB and 8GB of RAM, Apple is remaining more conservative.

Continuing the iPhone Xs teardown, the video reveals a new, L-shaped battery. Wait times are similar in Hong Kong and Australia, while deliveries are taking one to two weeks in Mainland China.

Aggregated global data from Google was pulled "to visualise the difference between this and last year's iPhone releases", BankMyCell's Richard Morris said. But those looking for the latest Apple Watch aren't so lucky. Consumers likely feel they'll have better luck grabbing one from a retail store.

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Given that the iPhone XR shares numerous same specs as the iPhone XS - most importantly, that new A12 Bionic processor that puts Android phones to shame - and the screen is marginally bigger, it's widely predicted to be a hit. But none of the enhancements are significant unless a user upgrading a much older iPhone.

Huawei has taken the act of mocking the newly launched iPhones to the next level in seemingly amusing way.

The iPhone XS Max is said to have a larger cell at 3,174mAh, which is one of the largest we've ever seen on an iPhone product.

Prices start from £749 for the 64GB model and rise to £899 for the fully-loaded 256GB version. Cao Zhongqiang from Shanghai was told he couldn't get any devices on the first day without an existing order.

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