Hillary Clinton Made A Guest Appearance On The 'Murphy Brown' Premiere

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The classic sitcom Murphy Brown made its return to television this week and its season premiere included a special appearance.

The performance was despite Murphy Brown arguably having the highest name recognition among viewers of any "new" show this fall (along with CBS' revamp of Magnum P.I.), so one would have expected to see far more sampling for its premiere episode.

In the episode, Clinton walks into the newsroom of "Murphy in the Morning", the new show that has brought Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) out of retirement, and announces she is there to interview for a secretary position.

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The former secretary of state claims that she is not Hillary Clinton but someone who looks like her and has a wealth of experience.

Murphy asks if she has the requisite computer and email skills. And on the topic of how many people it takes to run a production, she relied on another one of her campaign mottos: "Everyone works together, it takes a village".

While Brown thought she was "very impressive", she was "maybe a little overqualified" and needed some time to think about the hire. Namely: Hillary Clinton's surprise cameo! Hillary left her with her business card, which had the email address "Hilary@youcouldahadme.com".

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"And I also assume you've had previous experience secretarial experience?" "And so we plan to do the same thing again".

Even before a single word of the script for CBS's "Murphy Brown" revival was written, Diane English and Candice Bergen had an idea for a big-name guest star.

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