How Well Did Attorney Rachel Mitchell Do During The Kavanaugh Hearings?

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Senate Republicans have tapped Rachel Mitchell, an Arizona prosecutor specializing in sex crimes, to question professor Christine Blasey Ford about her claim that she was sexually assaulted in the 1980s by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

A devoted prosecutor, a formidable trial attorney and a mentor to many - those are some of the ways Rachel Mitchell's colleagues describe her. Mitchell has spent more than two decades with Maricopa County Attorney's Office, one of the country's largest public prosecutorial agencies serving more than 4 million people.

Mitchell's performance was panned on both sides: Republicans and Kavanaugh supporters said it was a mistake to have her methodically question Ford about the time line rather than allowing GOP senators to question her about things like the fact that the three people she named as being at the party all say they don't recollect it (including a female friend). Similarly, Bill Richardson, a retired police detective in Arizona with extensive experience investigating sex crimes, said he expected Mitchell to approach her assignment with professionalism.

The judge ruled in her favor, and LeBrun was eventually convicted of abusing the boys in his Arizona parishes and sentenced to 111 years in prison. John Cornyn (Texas) on Friday sent a news release referring to Mitchell's conclusion, USA Today said.

"Would you believe me that no study says that this setting in five-minute increments is the way to do that?"

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Mitchell was awarded prosecutor of the year by her office in 2006, and has been praised for her caring attitude towards sexual abuse victims.

Holton-Arms administrators did not respond to a request for comment about the testimonies by Kavanaugh or Ford.

STONE: Ortiz says Mitchell gravitated toward prosecuting sex crimes because she knew it was important and hard.

Mitchell typically tries to put people accused of sex crimes in prison, but on Thursday she was in the unusual and hard position of trying to chip away at the credibility of a woman who claims she was a victim of sexual assault by Kavanaugh when they were teenagers. In 2003, the state named her "Arizona's outstanding sexual-assault prosecutor" and Prosecutor of the Year in 2006.

Phoenix defense lawyer Tracey Westerhausen also told the Post that Mitchell is "a very nuanced and wise prosecutor" who "doesn't pigeonhole defendants".

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"We want this hearing to be handled very professionally, not a political sideshow". And the Associated Press, in 2011, reported that there had been some tension between the two agencies and that from 2004-2007, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office reported hundreds of alleged sex crimes to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department for investigation-and they were poorly investigated. In a statement, committee chair Sen.

Jerry Sheridan, former county chief deputy sheriff who oversaw the re-examination of unresolved cases, said the unit under Mitchell had a key role in establishing protocols and victims crisis centers across the Phoenix metro area to in the wake of the controversy.

Grassley said he appointed a woman from the outside in order to "depoliticize" the process and prevent a rerun of Anita Hill's testimony at Justice Clarence Thomas's 1991 confirmation hearing.

Mitchell is a registered Republican who has lectured across the USA about sexual assault investigations. "Person close to Trump says Trump is raging at how bad this has been for Republicans so far".

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