‘I’ll take you out’ Marco Rubio tells Alex Jones in hallway clash

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"You're not going to get arrested", Rubio told Jones. "Thank God Trump is".

Jones, who has 858,000 followers on Twitter, has built up his profile while promulgating conspiracy theories, including the claim that the 9/11 terror attacks were carried out by the government.

There's something to be said that it took Jones harassing Dorsey, a fellow white man, to his face for Dorsey to take action.

Following the proceedings, Jones stood outside heckling Rubio as he interviewed with the press. "You're going to beat me up?" Rubio said. "I'm asking you not to touch me".

"Marco Rubio the snake...little frat boy here".

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Alex Jones has sent his last tweet.

As Jones protested that Rubio knew who he was, he briefly placed his hand on the senator's shoulder.

That led Jones to repeatedly argue to the assembled reporters that Rubio "threatened to physically take care of me".

The senator attempted to ignore Jones, telling him he didn't know who he was and calling him a "dumbass". Jones urged lawmakers either to block the companies from banning users or to simply break the companies up.

The "Infowars" host stormed around Capitol Hill for hours, streaming appearances of himself on Twitter and Facebook outside the hearings where social media executives were testifying.

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Jones and his company Info Wars are said to have breached Twitter's abusive behaviour policy.

"Go back to your bath house!" yelled Jones as Rubio beelined away from the spectacle. "The Democrats are doing what you said China does", Jones said.

Will Sommer, a tech reporter for the Daily Beast, witnessed the four-minute episode involving Jones and Rubio and posted video of it on Twitter on Wednesday morning. Rubio, a Florida Republican, serves on the committee and was taking part in the hearing.

Twitter had previously suspended Jones for a week.

Rubio ended the spectacle and told reporters as he left, "You guys can talk to this clown".

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Jones has harassed the parents of victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, accusing them of being actors playing a part in a mass shooting hoax.