In Greece, the spiders captured the whole beach

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And even on the contrary - increased population of spiders will reduce the number bred on the island of mosquitoes.

In one sunny Mediterranean retreat of a small Greek town called Aitoliko, a web of horrors can be spotted.

High temperatures have sparked a sexual frenzy among spiders in Greece - causing the creatures to build a vast network of webs across a lagoon.

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The handsome Grecian beaches have been transformed into an eerie landscape overrun by spiders as a massive spider web stretches across the entire shoreline.

Scientists say the arachnids are merely enjoying the handsome weather and availability of food, taking the opportunity to "party".

Though those with phobias may find the sudden presence frightening, experts say these spiders aren't unsafe to humans and were likely just taking advantage of favorable mating conditions.

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Maria Chatzaki, professor of molecular biology and genetics at Democritus University of Thrace told "It's as if the spiders are taking advantage of these conditions and are having a kind of a party". The trio of conditions were quite ideal for the spiders, which made quick work of the shrubbery, transforming it into their own mating den.

She noted that the phenomena had been seen before in the region in 2003, and that the spiders would soon die off, and the web would degrade naturally, leaving the vegetation undamaged.

The webs are filled with Tetragnatha spiders - known as "stretch spiders" for their long bodies. Plus, they probably won't stick around too long. Their large and thick webs are good not just for mating, but also for both nesting and catching prey.

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