It's the end of the road for Inbox by Gmail

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The change comes into effect soon after the search giant rolled out a design overhaul for Gmail from June this year.

Today (very predictably, we would argue) Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt announced via a blog post that Google is sunsetting the more experimental Inbox app and bringing over things the company has learned to the main Gmail app.

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Since its launch, Google has used Inbox to launch a number of innovations for Gmail including Smart Reply, the ability to snooze emails until a later time and more. It was an off-shoot email app that was developed by the Gmail team, and would feature a ton of great features that made it easier to get through your email each day. But after the company brought over most of the app's various features to the redesign Gmail, many questioned the client's future. As of Android 8.0 (Oreo), snoozing has become an OS-level feature for all notifications and not just emails.

As mentioned, pretty much all of Inbox's unique features moved over to Gmail back in April.

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Bad news is that some features are not available on Gmail and that Inbox users may have to use suggested alternatives, e.g. labels or filters, or stop using certain features as they are not available. Featuring tight integration with other Google services, Inbox quickly garnered a group of passionate followers.

Google has published a support guide to help Inbox users make the transition back to Gmail. Fortunately, because Inbox requires a Gmail account to use, all the messages in their Inbox account are also still on Gmail. Let us know in the comment section below.

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