Jodie Whittaker's DOCTOR WHO Is Glorious In First Trailer

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Hot on the heels of an introductory teaser that made a literalized sight gag of the idiom "breaking the glass ceiling", we get the first full trailer of Doctor Who's forthcoming eleventh series, and the first in the program's history to feature a woman as the spotlighted Time Lord.

Here's Jodie Whittaker, running down a corridor and waving a sonic screwdriver, like all good Time Lords should! Still reeling from their first encounter, the Doctor and her new friends must try and stay alive long enough in a hostile alien environment to solve the mystery of desolation and work out who Angstrom and Epzo are?

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The trailer incorporates Skylar Grey's vocals from Macklemore's 2017 song "Glorious". Now, it's Jodie Whittaker's turn to take things in a new direction.

The Doctor's companions Yaz (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) are also spotted. As for her status as the first female Doctor, Whittaker recently told Rolling Stone that "the rules went out the window", and she's pleased to play a role where "gender is irrelevant".

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Clearly the Doctor can hold her own (because, duh, she's the Doctor).

Doctor Who returns to BBC America on Sunday, October 7.

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Change is nothing new to Doctor Who. In the new trailer released below, we get glimpses of action, explosions, monsters, and the Doctor's new companions, who have no problem pointing out who exactly is in charge.