Local clinics say flu shots are hard to get this season

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The short answer, according to the CDC: "It is not possible to predict what this flu season will be like".

Despite this conflicting advice, Public Health Solutions in Crete says some immunization is better than none, and predicting the timing of the flu is hard.

Health officials recommend that almost all Americans get flu vaccinations to blunt the impact of a disease that annually infects millions. FluMist nasal spray will not be available at this year's vaccine clinics.

"There is no live virus in the flu vaccines we provide", Schippert said. "Sometimes it's a coincidence that you get the flu after getting the flu shot, but it's not because of the vaccine", said nurse Jones. CBS DFW reports it is too soon to say, however, that this flu season will be longer than usual.

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Getting a vaccine doesn't mean you won't get the flu, but if you do get sick it could be less severe, experts say. The study analyzed data from four flu seasons, from 2010 to 2014, and found that "flu vaccination reduced the risk of flu-associated death by half, or 51 percent, among children with underlying high-risk medical conditions and by almost two-thirds, 65 percent, among healthy children".

DE health officials say flu cases have been confirmed in the state's three counties and one person has been hospitalized. The vaccine is good for one year.

If you're looking for a location near you that offers flu vaccines, check your local pharmacy.

With school back in session, kids are sharing germs and another flu season is around the corner, making now a beneficial time to get vaccinated.

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Influenza season runs from October to May in IL. She said it not only protects them against the illness but helps protect those who might not be able to get the vaccine.

Who should get a flu vaccine? If you are 60 or older, a Finney County resident and haven't gotten your voucher this summer, come by the senior center and get one.

Family members (age 3 and older) and members of the public also can get vaccinated at the flu vaccine clinics.

The survey also found that doctors' opinions (39 percent), where insurance is accepted (38 percent), and convenience (33 percent) rank among the top three factors in determining where to go for the shot.

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