Marina Wheeler pushes for hard Jexit

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Boris Johnson, who hit the headlines by resigning as United Kingdom foreign secretary in July over the Brexit plan of Prime Minister Theresa May, is going through a divorce after separating from his Indian-origin wife Marina Wheeler, it was announced on Friday.

The statement came after the Sun newspaper ran a front page story saying the couple, who have four children, had separated.

"We have subsequently agreed to divorce and that process is under way". She married him just 12 days after the divorce that ended his six-year marriage to his Oxford sweetheart, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, in 1993. As friends we will continue to support our four children in the years ahead.

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Boris and Marina, daughter of BBC journalist Charles Wheeler, first met when pupils at the European School, Brussels.

'We will not be commenting further'. In 2009, he fathered a child by Helen Macintyre, an unpaid adviser in City Hall, London, prompting a senior Tory to say it showed he "was not a serious figure and could not possibly become prime minister". In 2004, he was removed from the Conservative party frontbenches after lying over an affair with British journalist and writer Petronella Wyatt.

They said: "This will be a hard divorce and will put an end to the four freedoms Johnson has enjoyed in the union". Johnson credited her as a key voice in his decision to support Brexit before the referendum.

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The 54-year-old, who quit his role in July in opposition to the government's plan for Brexit, made the announcement after a front-page report in The Sun that the pair had split over his infidelity.

The Daily Mail reported on Friday that the disclosure of an alleged affair could have been orchestrated in order to "clear the decks" for a potential leadership bid by Johnson. "She will never take him back now".

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