Multiple people killed in Maryland shooting

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Three people have been reported killed in a shooting on Thursday morning in Maryland.

Colleen Hendrickson lives and works nearby, and she thought it was a normal day while heading to catch the bus and head to work, but then someone warned her there was an active shooting nearby.

"The situation is still fluid", the Harford County Sheriff's Office wrote on Twitter, adding that officers responded to the incident shortly after 9 a.m. EDT (1300 GMT). They say there is no known motive at this time and that the suspect's last known address was in Baltimore County.

When authorities found the suspect she was critically injured on the floor with a gunshot wound to her head, police said.

Maryland State Police stand near the perimeter of a scene where a shooting took place in Aberdeen
Maryland State Police stand near the perimeter of a scene where a shooting took place in Aberdeen

Gahler said the suspect also had several magazines and there no shots fired by law enforcement officers.

"The shooting happened adjacent to the primary building", she said. Other victims were taken to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware, it said.

"Everyone was screaming, running this way and that".

"I didn't know which way to run."

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Gahler said there are multiple injuries and multiple fatalities.

As of now, Gahler said that authorities are not revealing the identities of the victims, as their families are still being notified. A total of five people were transported to area hospitals.

A spokeswoman for Rite Aid says a shooting has taken place on the campus of a company distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland. Grief counselors will be made available to our associates and will remain available as long as they are needed. Representatives for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to CNN, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said the woman, who died later of her wounds, was a temporary employee; NBC News reported she was 26 years old. "She didn't aim. She just shot". "She was just shooting", Watson said as she drove away from a fire station where relatives tried to reunite with loved ones. "She just came in to pick a fight with someone".

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She turned the gun on herself after killing three.

In Fayette County, Pennsylvania, a gunman shot four people outside a crowded courtroom on Wednesday before being killed by police.

When they finally reached his mother Thursday afternoon, Reggie Rodriguez said, "That's all I wanted to do: Hear her voice".

The attack comes almost three months after a man armed with a shotgun attacked the Capital Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis, killing five people.

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Barry Glassman, the County Executive of Harford County, said: "Unfortunately we've become accustom to this ..."