Nintendo Direct: Final Fantasy and NES classics coming to Switch, kupo!

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A very exciting announcement has recently come to light that will be sure to have long-time and newer fans of the Final Fantasy series very excited. Early next year, past mainline entries will begin coming in.

Final Fantasy XII will be the recent Zodiac Age remaster, and X and X-2 will be the HD remastered versions as well. This, of course, means Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD (which is available right now!), but some other titles that I've not even heard of.

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World of Final Fantasy Maxima will lead the charge with its release on the Xbox One on November 6th.

Square Enix are clearly keen to get as many Final Fantasy games as possible onto Switch, and that's in addition to the recent Octopath Traveler and the upcoming remaster The World Ends With You -Final Remix-. But we did get a bit more insight into the company's upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, which will launch September 18 alongside no fewer than 20 classic games from the NES era, including these 10 titles announced today: Ghosts 'n Goblins, Excitebike, Tecmo Bowl, Yoshi, Double Dragon, Gradius, Ice Hockey, River City Ransom, Pro Wrestling, and Baseball.

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What is somewhat unclear at this point is if the versions of Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 9 that are releasing for the Switch are the original versions or the upgraded editions. The game offers the entire story of the Final Fantasy XV game. The game supports two-player co-op.

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