"No-deal" Brexit would complicate driving, data and roaming, United Kingdom says

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And the government is proposing to cap any data charges at £45 a month.

Thousands of Irish people living in Britain will have their rights protected even if there is a "No Deal" Brexit comes to pass next March.

He also said there must be a "shift across the board in the EU's approach" on the issue of Northern Ireland: "They will have to meet us halfway. if they meet the ambition, the pragmatism we've shown through our White Paper proposals then I'm confident we can get a good deal for this country, but also for the European Union".

This in turn means that manufacturers will have less incentive to sell EVs in Britain, according to Government documents discussing the impacts of a no-deal exit from the EU.

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However, British citizens would be saved from hefty mobile roaming charges, the United Kingdom government promised. This includes guidance on mobile roaming for United Kingdom customers in the European Union after Brexit.

Ahead of the talks, Raab said in a Daily Telegraph article: "No one should pretend that no deal would be straightforward".

The release of the papers is also believed to be tactical on the British government's part as they attempt to show Brussels that they are seriously preparing for a no-deal Brexit in order to strengthen its negotiating hand with Brussels as negotiations reach a critical point over the coming weeks.

United Kingdom citizens travelling overseas - The government says you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP), as well as having a United Kingdom driving licence to drive in the EU.

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But a technical paper released by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) went further, warning the United Kingdom would "no longer play any part in the development of Galileo" or the related European Geostationary Navigation Overlay (EGNO) system.

They also claimed the British government could be forced to depend on the U.S. for asteroid warnings - as the United Kingdom will be booted out of the EU Space Surveillance and Tracking programme.

Speaking before the plans were published, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab warned rebel MPs they will have no choice but to back Theresa May - or risk Brexit chaos.

"Businesses subject to an ongoing antitrust investigation should take independent legal advice on how to comply with any ongoing investigation of the European Commission and/or the Competition and Markets Authority (or the relevant United Kingdom regulator)", it said. In a national Referendum in 2016 for a British exit from the European Union voted 51.9% of British nationals.

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