Nurse discovers her Colleague was a Preemie she Cared for in 1990 ❤

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Vilma Wong, who'd been working at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford for more than 32 years, met Brandon Seminatore, 28, in August. As per report, all medical residents were required to check in at the nurse's station before examining the premature babies in the NICU.

In 1990, neonatal intensive care nurse Vilma Wong cared for a premature baby, Brandon Seminatore, who weighed about 1kg. I asked who he was and his last name sounded very familiar.

"I kept asking where he was from and he told me that he was from San Jose, California, and that, as a matter of fact, he was a premature baby born at our hospital", she said. "When Vilma recognized my name, I remembered the photos my parents had shown me and it truly sunk in that I was one of these babies".

Then she asked him if his dad was a police officer.

"Brandon, one of our paediatric residents, was born 28 years ago in our NICU - then just 29 weeks old".

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Ms Wong and fellow nurse Kas Pilon are legendary in his family for their kindness and tender care, newspaper reported.

Despite the almost three decades in between, and the thousands of babies Wong has since cared for after Seminatore was discharged, she immediately recognized his name when she heard it. Vilma was his primary care nurse.

Seminatore spent 40 days in NICU as an infant, checking out a healthy 5 pounds, 2 ounces. But he has the same dark eyes and alert expression. It was here when Wong spotted Seminatore and asked him who he was.

"Meeting Vilma was a surreal experience", Brandon told Standford Children's. "They helped calm a lot of our fears". "They were wonderful nurses", his mom, Laura Seminatore, told The Mercury News.

Wong had never left, and she was working a shift earlier this month when she saw a new face in scrubs near one of the incubators.

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Once Seminatore realized he had found Wong, he immediately texted his parents.

In the photo above, Brandon had just had his breathing tube removed and was able to eat on his own, according to Vilma. Wong, who is 54 now, isn't leaving any time soon. He's now grown up and works in the same hospital he was born in. People reported that Wong had come across a second-year resident tending to a baby in an incubator, and made a decision to introduce herself and ask his name.

For Ms Wong, the meeting was also an affirmation of her calling.

But last month, she saw a young Intern chose to find out who he is, Vilma told the Mercury News.

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