Putin Proposes Peace Treaty With Japan Before Year's End

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The Russian leader, whose tardiness has become legendary, kept Abe waiting during a Russia-Japan summit at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on Monday, Kyodo News and Yomiuri Shimbun reported.

"However, our position that the Northern Territories issue is resolved before any peace treaty remains unchanged".

Shinzo Abe also said the living generation has the responsibility to "completely remove the post-war scenery" from the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered Japanese leader Shinzo Abe a peace treaty without preconditions by the end of the year.

Russian and Japanese Foreign Ministry officials said that work on a future agreement would continue as usual, and a Japanese official made clear that Tokyo wants an agreement on possession of the islands before it will sign a peace treaty.

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Photos showed Putin and Xi, wearing blue aprons, pouring out the batter and turning the pancakes over before eating them with caviar and a shot of vodka. In 1956, the two countries signed a common declaration on ending the state of war and restoring diplomatic and all other relations, however, a peace treaty has still not been reached.

After Abe pressed Putin on the subject of a treaty and a solution to the decades-long dispute over a group of islands claimed by both countries, Putin said: "An idea has just come into my head".

In the past, Russian Federation and Japan have proposed initiating various joint economic projects on the disputed islands as a first step in resolving the conflict.

Vladimir Putin said Russian Federation welcomes more investment by Chinese companies and will offer good conditions to encourage more exchanges with China. "This stance hasn't changed". "Putin does not expect anything", Kunadze told the Echo of Moscow radio station.

The strategic guidance by and close contact between the heads of state of China and Russian Federation serve as powerful engines for the development of bilateral relations, Wang said.

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Shinzo Abe confirmed Wednesday his plans to visit China this year in what would be the first trip to the country by a Japanese prime minister since 2011, the latest sign of warmer ties between the two rivals.

"We have been trying to solve the territorial dispute for 70 years".

Relations between China and Japan soured in 2012 over a territorial dispute over several tiny islands in the East China Sea.

The Soviet Union seized the four islands north of Hokkaido and east of Sakhalin in the closing days of World War II.

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