Ryan Thomas crowned the victor of Celebrity Big Brother

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Filmed this summer and prior to the now infamous Celebrity Big Brother 'punch' incident, the show's source confirmed: "Roxanne Pallett will be in Celebrity Coach Trip. I did break", said Thomas.

Ryan Thomas fought back tears as he was crowned victor of Celebrity Big Brother and was told how the public supported him through the Roxanne Pallett punch scandal.

The new CBB champion has finally been reunited with girlfriend Lucy after she had to sit at home and watch him suffering through Roxanne Pallett's accusations.

But will Ryan meet with Roxanne to "draw a line under it" as panellist Kevin Maguire asked?

Thomas was involved in the infamous "punchgate" incident with actress Roxanne Pallett and endured a rough period in the house after she initially accused him of punching her.

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'The thing that disturbed me the most is that when I talked to her, she said "ouch" and she said he didn't apologise, and you can see that he did'.

The 34-year-old's victory was met by deafening cheers from the live audience as flocks of fans voiced their support for the former Coronation Street actor.

He took a deep breath as he fought back the tears over seeing the emotional footage. However, after Thomas left the Big Brother house victorious, he's said that he thinks it's time to forgive Pallett. That house, when something like that happens, you can become very isolated.

Roxanne eventually apologised in two televised interviews, one on the Jeremy Vine Show and another on Celebrity Big Brother with Emma Willis.

'As long as she now gets the help she needs then I think it's time we all draw a line under it.

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"You know, it's something now, looking forward, it's not something I want to dwell on".

'I have no words, no words whatsoever, I don't know what to say... all day I've been acting like I'm all cool, didn't think about winning, ' he said.

The DJ added: "I hope there's not too much of a witch hunt because her career is already over now".

In the second, she called herself "the most hated girl in Britain".

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