Sparks Fly Before Judiciary Committee Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination

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Flake, a key moderate Republican, was at the center of the drama and uncertainty.

Senator Flake about an hour ago, right after telling the committee he would advance Kavanaugh's nomination out of committee but that he wanted a reopened Federal Bureau of Investigation background check before the full Senate vote.

FLAKE says it would be "proper" to delay the floor vote for "up to but not more than 1 week" to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation time to investigate claims for the sake of "due diligence".

"This country is being ripped apart here". "That's what you're telling all these women".

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With a 51-49 majority, Senate Republicans have little margin for error, especially given the fact that several Democrats facing tough re-election prospects this fall announced their opposition to Kavanaugh on Friday. Joe Manchin, one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators up for re-election in November. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., made a motion to subpoena Judge. The committee took its 11 to 10 vote to send the Kavanaugh nomination to the full Senate, as Democrats called for clarification on what the vote meant for the FBI investigation.

For Archila, the treatment of Ford at Kavanaugh's hearing was beyond the pale. She also testified that it was eventually Mark Judge who put an end to the encounter by climbing onto the bed and breaking Kavanaugh's grip on Dr. Ford, who was 15 years old at the time.

Flake has clashed openly with President Trump, with the president belittling and mocking him publicly, including on the campaign trail.

"Today I texted my father and I said, 'You're going to hear something that we haven't talked about, and I want you to know that I'm okay, '" she said.

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Speaking to the AP by phone after the confrontation, Gallagher said she didn't intend to tell Flake about her assault - she had never told anyone before. He was viewed as a possible "no" vote on the panel and in the closely-divided Senate - until his morning announcement Friday. "His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting". You have children. I have two children.

But he said he hadn't thought at all about a replacement, "Not even a little bit". "That is what binds us to the rule of law", said Flake.

A protester who said she was sexually assaulted approached Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator Friday after he released a statement saying he would be voting in favor of Brett Kavanaugh for a seat on the Supreme Court.

While Flake had entered an elevator, the women held the door open but the Senator repeatedly looked away or down and would not answer their questions or respond to their outrage.

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"While some may argue that a different standard should apply regarding the Senate's advice and consent responsibilities, I believe that the Constitution's provisions of fairness and due process apply here as well", he said. That struggle looks like this: "regular people doing really scary things, things that make them cry, that sometimes scare their families", Archila said.