Take that sucker! Seal slaps kayaker with octopus

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The video shows Mulinder yelling "there´s an octopus on my boat" with Masuda responding "no way, that was mental". "Seals love eating them and will eat up to 15 pounds [7 kg] of octopus a day, around here it is a staple part of their diet", Stapley said at the time, describing how the animal was ripped apart, with bits landing into nearby kayaks. We can only imagine that's what a seal was thinking when he slapped a kayaker in the face with an octopus over the weekend.

"We instantly started laughing, we certainly got surprised".

The video was captured by Taiyo Masuda, who posted it on social media. "I know insane right", kayaker Kyle Mulinder wrote on Instagram.

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"One seal swims right next to us, having an octopus in his mouth, pops right up of the surface next to us, then tries to chew up the leg but ended up slapping our face", Masuda told AFP.

According to Mulinder, the octopus managed to escape being the seal's dinner as it latched onto the end of the kayak while the seal went on to search for other, less hard food.

The kayaker was fine, as was the octopus, which clung to the side of the kayak after the incident, probably terrified and hoping, in its little octopus way, that that a-hole seal wasn't coming back for round two.

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"Either way the octopus held onto the bottom of kayak for some time before our guide was able to get it off with his paddle then it swam away to fight another day", Mulinder added.

"Sometimes you're the seal".

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